Fishing Guru



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Use the mouse to catch all of the coming fishes

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Fishing Guru

Fishing Guru is one of the top HTML5 arcade spot games unblocked also available on mobile. Start off with a man and a boat set in the middle of a place full of water. He is trying to catch fishes that he has already explored. Some of them look like monsters and they are approaching the ship quickly. You must act faster than these creatures or you cannot escape. Remember that they will come in waves! And, the difficulty level will increase when you finish a stage.

Play Fishing Guru free online in browser you have to observe everything ad throw the finishing rod accurately. It is considered a great place to check your own mouse skill. Note! You are advised to optimize the attempts that you receive. Otherwise, you will lose before you end up the challenge. Firstly, aim carefully! Next, launch bait and prevent the fish from heading to your space. Good luck!

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