Super Mario Save Peach

About Super Mario Save Peach

Super Mario Save Peach unblocked is one of the fan games about an exciting journey of a famous hero. In which, he needs your help to rescue Princess Peach. She has been kidnapped. It will be a great moment for him to express the love he has for her. Give that character a hand so he is able to overcome all of the obstacles, defeat every enemy and bring the girl back to the castle!

Play Super Mario Save Peach free online and you will face tons of dangerous situations during the adventure. Before you encounter the evil Bowser, you are forced to jump over pits, avoid traps, and more hazards. Different from the original, you can experience a unique mechanics that allows you to switch among some others. The time will be measured. Therefore, the final score will depend on the number of coins that you collect on platforms. Gather them before reaching the end of the level and survive!

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