360° Showcase – Oak’s Palace Near Volcano


360° SkySaga Showcase – Oak’s Palace Near Volcano is a fan made in which you are able to find out many truly splendid and majestic creations all over the course of SkySaga Alpha. If you move to nearly the end of the path, there is one spot where popped up and called Oak’s “Palace Near Volcano”. You will feel surprised because of how they name the island. Not only that, they also do not waste the precious time on making that wonderful build in SkySaga online in their way. The construction brings to you an exquisite attention to the detail or the grand sense of the scale along with farms, and floating castles. So, all of them are caught in immersive 360°. You should prepare to click, swipe, and strap the headset as well as discover that fantasy world as soon as possible. You can watch the video below to see much more. Hope you enjoyed!

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