Alpha’s Nearly Over!

An ending heralds a new beginning

There is the interesting news that you should know. The public SkySaga Alpha testing phase is nearly finished. The SkySaga Alpha servers are going to be switched off on 27th April. Therefore, there will be another release which brings to players a lot of amazing experiences. The development team will focus on preparing to launch the full Beta for SkySaga game.

Every ending will become the sign for a new beginning. And the end of the SkySaga Alpha will change and make the highest point of a wonderful period of working with all of the loyal adventurers. However, you still have the occasion to send them your support which helps them to develop and expand the Infinite Isles as well as shows them what you’d like to see in the final game. They promised to always listen. Until now, they have been listening ever more carefully over the last months because you all were stuck into alpha 10.

Not only that, the team has frequently planned to make an effort to do the best before they hit Beta when they had done everything they could while the SkySaga Alpha was still live. But, this team has implemented such a surprising job that they can reach that point earlier than they were expecting.

In many games, the fact that it can be very difficult for players to complete some of the biggest features with changes while the team is still attempting to keep the live experience. So, it is the point where they can begin to get ready for the ultimate push.

Alpha’s Nearly Over!

Unfortunately, it also means that you will not be able to explore SkySaga for a while. Don’t worry! There is an occasional chance for their formidable Torchbearers, which can help them check out a few of the newer works and maintain sharing the development with more behind-the-scenes on their social channels.

When they come back, they will open up the access globally. Thus, if you are one of the persons who waiting patiently in these countries Brazil, Vietnam, Russia and anywhere else, you can register from 27th April in preparation to join when the new SkySaga phase is available.

There are tons of questions for this issue. Nevertheless, just have fun with your final adventures, get islands published, and let them know what you are looking forward to.

It is only the start for a better story. You can see that they are so excited to tell you what they have planned next.

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