Building with Ashwe – Bringing an Idea to Life

As you already know, SkySaga has launched Alpha 9, which is a new event of the game for all gamers. To make this interesting launching of Alpha 9, there are two community members who are able to join the twitch channel, and now, you will have a chance to find out a building activity that Ashwe (one of the two members) have experienced.Building with Ashwe – Bringing an Idea to Life

Constructing with Ashwe in SkySaga game

Lots of players who have asked Ashwe about building and how to make them. There are plenty of useful tips that can help you a lot in building stuff, but you can’t be sure that you will use all of them in your game due to time restrictions. Building a construction requires you to have lots of skills, creativity. If you have none of them, you should take your time, trying to gather your ideas, and get more inspirations from the minor things that you have encountered. According to Ashwe, she said that she had to gain more ideas from making a joke about what to construct to a guild member, and then gradually, she was able to construct for the blog posts. Eventually, she had this after trying to think and research, it was Corvin Castle in Hunedoara, Romania.

Ashwe found it kind of easy to search for images of the construction that she was going to build since this was a real one. Finding those photos did help her a lot in arranging the castle’s base. She even thought that the castle would be extremely nice with a good look on a floating island. Due to that thought, she began to take out her sketch book and then place many castle’s pieces. Without a doubt, after creating several sketches, Ashwe was able to start initial things of constructing island. But, there was one problem here, that is she had to think carefully to give out her decision.

Placing the castle at a certain location was one of the most difficult decisions that she had to make. Luckily, Ashwe had more than 20 islands, and it took her nearly one hour to traverse the forest islands so that she could make a decision on a palette which would be extremely suitable for the construction. After surveying the surroundings, Ashwe chose an ice island called Ice Sky Keep and she used it for her building.

What to build with was the final decision that she had to make. After thinking carefully, she made a decision on materials that she would use for the construction. There were three main blocks that she stock up, including cragstone, milkstone, and heartstone. Cragstone was used as main material for building the castle, along with milkstone emphasis, and heartstone was utilized for the roofs. Iron, windows, wood, and decorations were considered to utilize subsequently.

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