Crafting and colour palette system

About Skysaga

SkySaga is an awesome and fun sandbox game set in a wonderful land, including many remarkable improvements such as SkySaga crafting. In the game, you and other players will have the chance to discover multiple locations as well as collect a large number of valuable resources or craft necessary equipment and construct plenty of buildings. Being inspired by Minecraft, the game promises to bring to everybody a much brighter and more interesting art style. Each of you is offered the own world to build the new settlement. You are also able to access more worlds through portals with different adventures. It’s pretty easy for you to interact with others on the way while playing SkySaga like Trove! Aside from that, you can meet up with a social hub world or participate in forces to fulfill the mission along the journey faster. Besides, you can step into an arena and fight against many strong opponents.

SkySaga has many notable features:

Adventure Awaits – You will have the occasion to uncover an infinite number of isles alone or you’re your friends.
Craft, Build, and Share – With the SkySaga crafting, you can gain natural resources, learn about new recipes, and craft a lot of useful items.
Battle of Wits – You can explore the arena and battle against other players.
Daily Quests – You need to complete Explorer, Gladiator, and Settler quests in order to earn rewards and reach the higher rank.
A Place to Call Home – Each player will be given a personal isle to build up and customize. You can invite other people to collaborate in your creations to life.
Crafting and Color Palette System

According to recent developments, SkySaga approaches Beta. Therefore, making a creative process for User Generated Content will be focused much more. It will be improved so that you can come up with something great to create and share with other persons. It can become a huge goal because different groups will have not the same needs of a system that addresses it.

The development team has found that the SkySaga crafting and recipe system in Alpha 9 and earlier is very well for you and everyone who willing to invest emotionally in the time and want to craft items. And they are happy with a blank canvas approach to the creativity. However, the cost is a barrier for them. Thus, they will have to get a clear choice and goals. It can slow down the rate that people are able to craft and share builds.

The purpose of this simplification allows you to extend the way into the adventure population. So, each of the realms will be divided into many regions showing the color palette of materials and recipes there. Not only that, the very earliest recipes that you see will auto populate the essential components. People who have the straightforward choices and goals can utilize the color scheme in a Region to define the scheme of any builds they generate. Stages are set for the large scale Build Challenge in the future later, using the recipes and palettes of a region to explain the build target for you. Some plans will be set up for a deeper lore experience. Details of the world of Domun are expanded, too.

Players can use the full SkySaga colour when crafting items. When you progress, you can open up any color recipe variant for the basic crafting process. It is the crafting model is found in Alpha 9 and earlier together with the added benefit of the clarified components and UI. The material availability, drop rates, shop costs and much more will be tweaked depending on how players play.

So far, there are a lot of people really enjoying Alpha 10. But, some of the others felt a little frustrating with the revised crafting and color palette system. During Alpha, it is just the start of evolving the system. Thus, there is a lot of work to come. By the end of next week, you will soon receive a new update which improving and increasing all of the occasions where you will obtain a recipe Treasure Amber in exchange for daily regional quests and from an increased range of quest givers. A load more recipes will come back in the shop. This update will provide to you many more chances to earn prized recipes. You’d better boost them up to the super power when you enhance. When the update is live, specifics in the patch notes will be detected. You can send your comments to make everything better.

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