Creator in Focus – Kadriah

Creator in Focus – Kadriah

Some questions are asked to learn deeper about special techniques of Kadriah-a famous SkySaga creator although the SkySaga Alpha has been finished for a little while. She is one of the persons who really pushed the limits with her build.

Where does she get inspiration for her builds?

She reveals that she gets the inspiration everywhere. She is fairly arty and crafty at home. And she can combine many different items in order to generate new and interesting works. It is also one of the reasons that she really enjoyed the SkySaga game so much. In case there is not any recipe for it, she will like to try and use a combination of decorations or check and replicate it with the best way as possible. Sometimes, she will make something and that will give her many exciting ideas for creating other objects.

How did she go about planning her build? Did she draw out gridlines on the map?

She said that she tried to research every small detail when she designed and made a plan related to what would occur inside her islands in SkySaga. She wrote the lists of everything that the planned build needed. For example, what rooms and details that she could add and make it in the right method. She could sit at her desk surrounded by scraps of paper along with notes for many weeks before she chose an island to construct. Eventually, some of those islands would be abandoned after she laid some misplaced foundations, taking out several trees in the process. She also revealed that she didn’t intend to set out grid lines anymore because it didn’t work for her at all. She had a rough idea revolved how she would end everything and mark out the tough areas in which she could plan to build. But, she knew that she would always move them. Now, she just needs to determine the beginning point and allow it to organically grow.

Her Mansion build is pretty spooky, what’s her favorite part?

The part that this SkySaga creator likes most in her Mansion is the “Organ of Bones”. According to her, it is just an idea which coming together so quickly. Every decoration that she wants is perfect such as the curved bones for the pipe or the steps for keys. Aside from that, the addition of Lumostone will add the pressure plates on the top of steps. They will emit a note when they are pressed. It causes the extra spooky feel for players. Besides, it can play by itself at random. She had the intention to create it in a room and make a music room. Nevertheless, it was too big and expensive. Currently, it is located on the second floor.

Creator in Focus – Kadriah

It seemed easy to get lost in the Mansion, did she do that on purpose?

Yes, it was intentional. She wanted to form many hidden rooms and secret passageways throughout the Mansion so as to make the player attracted and help them spend much more time on exploring the building. She had to say that it was a bit of a nightmare to complete what you see today. Even, she had to knock holes in walls to ensure that she can remember how to escape.

At what stage was she happy with your builds? Did she ever come back to them?

She feels happy when she owns the main parts built and most of them decorated in SkySaga. But, she doubts that she will ever be finished. She frequently goes back to old islands to place new items or accomplish them or change or move a wagon over. They are parts that she loves even though a lot of them are improved hurriedly. There are still lots of uncreated ideas for all islands. Her Circus has secret ideas which planned. The Haunted Mansion has some hidden rooms and secret passages which blocked. She hopes that she can carry out secret tunnels around the garden. The Ice cream warehouse is being worked on continuously. But, she is not sure that many people got rid of the endless maze to see the outer structure. Thanks to Alpha 9 and 10, there are a lovely attractive sign and fireworks.

Which build was she most proud of?

It is the Haunted Mansion that the SkySaga creator is proud most. It’s pretty pity because she could not place a small haunted house on the Circus Island. So, she always planned to put a much larger version in another place. When the Halloween event was announced, she started to run the project. A spooky feeling surrounding the mansion is necessary. She spent around two weeks to draw ideas as well a lot of time to research the style of the architecture, rooms, a big kitchen, gather materials, or keep track how many knots she would use, and so on. She has to say she is most proud of it because she is so glad about how it everything comes together and it is much better than what she imagines in her head before.

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