Have you seen what’s new in SkySaga?

Welcome to SkySaga!

Welcome to the Jungle in SkySaga: Infinite Isles Alpha 5It’s time for you to return to SkySaga and check out the recent additions and enhancements that we have added to the game. For those who have been stopped the game for a short period, don’t you think it’s a right time to make a comeback? There will be lots of awesome changes that you will never want to miss! So, let’s take a closer look now!
Additional Adventures, more social!

As you know, Alpha 5 has made a major step for SkySaga when there were new additions added, which can enlarge the game and add to the reach for adventures and player interaction.

You can notice that this is the Desert setting for adventures. As for this one, you will experience new wildlife, new monsters, weapons and substances for crafting.

Welcome to the Jungle in SkySaga: Infinite Isles Alpha 5There is another extra change that can be found is the Social Hub, this is the place that you can not only run into other SkySaga players, but you can also find the guilds and questmasters. If you accomplish the quests for the guilds, you can receive sole awards as you advance in the game.

Eventually, the Social Hub includes the Bazaar in which you can spend the tough Knots that hard to earn on all manner of things and recipes. Plus, you can also find several stuffs such as weapons, armors, building substances, along with discrepant items in stock day by day.

Run Into the Sky Saga Team Tonight!

Be ready for the Meet the Team event tonight! You will have a chance to play with the developers as we live-stream the action.

Also, the members of SkySaga team will be available tonight, there is a Q&A session which will be organized at the Settler’s Guild airship in the Social Hub of the game from 9PM CEST tonight, Sep 16th!


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