How to get into PvP

We back and continue to show you how to enter SkySaga easier. In the previous post, you may know “How to getting to Knight Rank 1” that will easy for you to head to SkySaga PvP. If you still not know, please click here.

Your adventure will lack of the excitement and interest when you don’t join in PvP. So, participate in it now. At this moment, it’s sure that some of you are confusing. Cause, you don’t know How to Get Into PvP, that the reason we write this article to guide you. There are 9 main steps that you’d better do step by step.

How to get into PvP

1. Make sure that you have to finish the in-game tutorial.

2. Construction your Airship.

3. Bring up the Chronicle by pressing Y button, and you will see the new Knight Skill in three Skill page.

4. Crafting weapons as Sword, Shield, and Bow, which is the next important work. You have to kill or block 5 enemies with each of these weapons.

5. Once these tasks complete, you’d better reach Rank 1 as a Knight.

6. You will receive a PvP post in the mail on your home island after you reach level 1. Where can we find the mailbox? It is often present at surface level by the entrance to your Portal room.

7. Open your mail and put the PvP post in your Rucksack. And then equip it or place it on the ground to place it on your home island. By this way, you can place any home object. If you don’t want to lose your post, DO NOT place it in an adventure world.

8. Let equip some good gear for battle and press E button next to the post to bring up the PvP menu and choose Death Match or a game of Capture The Flag.

9. You’ve done, let kick some butt ( on designated PvP nights).

These are some simple ways that will help all of you guys, to enter in the PvP. Now, do follow our guidance and take part in this fantastic place. Wish you have tons of fun with SkySaga. When you have any question or want to know how to make a weapon, search it on our website. See you again!

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