How To Useful Hints Tricks Tips And Help

When you join in the wide open world in SkySaga Game, you may be confused a little bit, because you don’t know how to play, how to make the item or even how to control the game. Keep going on with post “How To Useful Hints Tricks Tips And Help” to understand more about this fantastic world.

An easy way for you to approach this game that shows you the useful hints, tricks, tips and helps. Let’s start.

How to use hints, tricks, tips and help (Part 1)

As I said before, you may be overwhelming at the first start, but just keep your hopes and go into the SkySaga Game.

Character creation:

In this part, create your character look quite simple, but it’s interesting also. Click on the “profile setup” button. On this table, you can choose between a human, cat or lizard. You also can change gender, eye color, skin tone, hairstyle, and hair color. If you don’t have a lot of time or you’re not interested in design work, you can hit the “Randomise” button. Do not forget to name your character. When you finish your changing work, click “Continue” button and start the game.

Follow the guidance:

The developers have done a great job starting you off by getting a sharp rock and use some of the basic movement of the game. They help you get a pickaxe and get your home started. You have to build a forge when you get into your house first. It requires for fifteen stones, and you can make it in your “Rucksack” (inventory). When you finish with your forge, you should make a metal plate, and this job needs some iron from the basement. Use that metal plate to activate the “keystone oven”, which uses “keystone” fragment to create keystones.

How To Useful Hints Tricks Tips And Help
1.How To Useful Hints Tricks Tips And Help
How To Useful Hints Tricks Tips And Help
2.How To Useful Hints Tricks Tips And Help

The “keystones” are used to the standing stone at the right of the room that leads you to other adventures. You can find some keystone fragments next to the standing stone. You’d better build the light green keystone first. When you created, you could begin your first adventure!

How To Useful Hints Tricks Tips And Help
3.How To Useful Hints Tricks Tips And Help
How To Useful Hints Tricks Tips And Help
4.How To Useful Hints Tricks Tips And Help

On your first adventure

When you get through the portal, you will be brought to a “randomly generated” isle. The game will quicken you to take a challenge from the “Skills menu” in the “Chronicle”. Press Y to go to the “Chronicle”, and then continue to the “Skill tab”. There are five available skills present on the Skill tab as Architect, Blacksmith, Explorer, Knight, and Miner; you can start with any skill you like first. Those challenges level up your skill that can be used later to unlock blueprints found later in the game. The Crystal Caves is my first adventure. There was a trapper camp that had bandit all around. I came in and killed them all with my ax and get some loot from the nearby coffins inside the building. You also can go around, finish challenge, getting materials or just look over. I continue down the road and came into the Crystal Cave. In this place, I found crystal, stone, iron and keystone fragments that very helpful to create more keystones. At the end zone, there is a portal that liked the one at my home. By this way, you can back to your home, so if you finished your exploration go through there. (You can also leave by pressing escape and pressing home)

Go back home

Once you go back home, you should be able to use your materials to create some other great things. With me, I created a “workbench”, which requires four wood planks. It makes the decor some blocks, leather straps for armor and my favorite, chests that are great to store all the loot from the adventures. And then, I got the iron and keystone fragments from the basement. I then used the forge to make some “metal weight” from the iron. I use four “metal weight” and two “stone” to create an “anvil”. The “anvil” is the most important device for survival. With that useful device, you can craft the weapons, armor, and arrows. With the materials I had, I created an iron sword, bow, some arrows, and a shield. Then with some remaining planks, I create torches. Now I used some of those keystone fragments to create a green keystone. After finished all my necessary things, I went through the portal to my next adventure.

Well hope that useful for all of you.

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