Islands, Guilds, Blueprints, and what will be copied over in Alpha 8, & Alpha 9

Are you ready to check out the stuff that will be copied or removed in Alpha 8 and Alpha 9 in SkySaga game? You should take a chance and find out what they are. These details below are very crucial to know if you are a big fan of the SkySaga. The stuff below here will be copied or removed when the Alpha 8 comes to an end.

Player Islands

All of published “Player Islands25” will be adapted when the Alpha 8 finishes.

An Island will not be copied if it isn’t published yet, no matter what reason is.

The saved resources will be removed

Guild Islands

After taking a look at copying “Guild Islands”, they are not feasible for the finish of Alpha 8 due to several technical reasons. However, from the finish of Alpha 9 ahead, these Guild Islands will be adapted.

When Alpha 8 comes to an end, all of Guild Islands will be removed

But when Alpha 9 finishes, all of Guild Islands will be adapted.


There are still several things that will be adapted when Alpha 8 finishes, they are guild names, leaders and members.


It is not feasible for copying the Blueprints in the shops for some technical reasons.

The item that is crafted from the blueprint will be copied when Alpha 8 finishes if that Blueprint is utilized and finished on Player Island.

All the Blueprints in shops will be removed

How to Publish Your Island

To find out how to pushlish your island, you can check a video below showing the operation of bringing out your island.

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