New in Alpha 6 – Everything!

It is the article about new everything in Alpha 6. We will show you the mechanics. You will have a lot of weapons, armors to make the fight better. And this is the list of what you need in this SkySaga Tutorial:

New UI

The feature of Alpha 6 has the great improvement for the user’s UI. The HUD is prettier and simpler. It means that you can feel comfortable when joining the SkySaga game. The tooltips are helpful with text, durability, rarity, stats and others.

We also improve the island and friend menu in this SkySaga Guide. All of them are used to make the presentation more suitable and predictable. Besides that, we can show you the new leader boards for community islands that give you much more options to browse and access the amazing work of the others.

We added a notification in the chat log whenever you level up so that the nearby players can congratulate you.

You will receive the new loading screen.

The Social Hub disappears.

It is rebuilt as the city of First Light. It is one of the early steps in setting up the lore of SkySaga game. Along with renaming, we also have changed the layout. There are many climbing routes all over the city, and there are plenty of mysterious locations for you to explore.

Treasure Amber

The new layout of the First Light City allows players to introduce a new character named Tao Ying. She will guide you in opening the Treasure Anber including the secrets in boxes with a lot of treasures you can find in the  game. If you can’t do this, she is willing to give them to you. Of course, it’s not free.

Like other systems in New in SkySaga Alpha 6, Treasure Amber forms are currently available for you to learn the rules of progression system. We planned to increase the variety in this feature, and we can introduce useful items.

Quest Chains

Quest Chains is the new feature in SkySaga game’s Alpha 6. When you return from a Realm at the first time, you can activate a series of missions that can help you challenge and master your skill, also unlock gear to save you from the explosion.

Quest Chains also give you a big goal to complete. There is a structured way to find out the Realms. We have added an early quest chain to set up the new crafting system.

Adjusted Furniture Crafting Economy

With New in SkySaga Alpha 6, we removed friction from the crafting progress. And you have a little setup time. But the result will be the experience make you feel easy.

Raw materials processing is easier when they combine with reworked crafting queues. You can batch craft as many raw materials as you want. The resultant components are assembled on the Furniture Bench.

Besides, we also introduce properties that tilting the torches and help them combine fence parts automatically.

Adjusted Weapon Crafting Economy

The needs of the weapon and armor crafting in SkySaga game are not fit to furniture crafting.
Weapon Anvils and Armor Anvils are presented to split this crafting form from furniture one. We added progression involved with crafting components called Tempering Dust. It is used to harden the metal.
It means that crafting a great sword will be the mini-quest.

Adjusted Knot Economy

We adjusted prices, the number of Knots in SkySaga game that you can find on an adventure. They are pretty balanced. The price is different from Alpha 5. But the loot drops from Adventures are also changed.

New Stat System – “Perks”

We redesigned weapon and armor balancing system to use perks including sets of stats adjusting item properties.

You can see this change in SkySaga guide. The weapon and armor behavior can be easier to understand. You can still affect properties of gear by using various material kinds.

New Combat and Health Behaviour

Changed the way health works in SkySaga Tutorial Alpha 6. It automatically recharges over time slowly. When you eat food, your health recharges faster. It allows you to keep balance in each combat.

The overall feel of the combat should be improved, too. We changed to make you satisfied.

We added a new kick attack. And you will have no damage but you can attack the opponent.

PvP Improvements

NA and EU players can enjoy SkySaga game together and the limited PvP play time is meaningless. PvP is available!

PvP has the own set of weapons and armor. It is perfect for challenging other players. It is available in Tao Ying’s Treasure Amber.

You can use meat to restore health. We also added the limited time to drop bombs.

Combat Progression

Aside from improvement the basic combat behavior for SkySaga game, we have shown combat progression. Creatures in Realm are stronger when you explore hard adventures. We rebuilt the Al from the ground by making it more stable and predictable. It is better for your action.
Find and craft Realm unique weapon and armor to survive. The Quest Chains will show you the correct direction.

Improved Adventure Director

Adventures in SkySaga game are different with extensive adjustments to the Adventure Director. It means that the experience is advanced much. The terrain shapes and color palettes are various. They use a system that can combine landscape, major features, and dungeons. The theme system gives the player the unique experience.

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