Play SkySaga Alpha 5 Now! (Keys Game)

SkySaga Game

Welcome to SkySaga Alpha 5!

How long have you been waiting for this new part to come out? Well, no more waiting because SkySaga Alpha 5 is finally here! You will have a bunch of activities as well as new stuff to explore! Jump to a new Tribe for playing, a new Realm for discovering. Then, you can find out new Recipes, new Adventures, up-to-date Community Quests and new creatures!

We were not only busy adding new content, but also listening to the forum community to enhance the game for you guys to enjoy it on the lower-end systems and laptops

The social side of the game also has been reconsidered and enhanced. Now, you are capable of bringing out your islands for the community to pay a visit to. Also, you can generate race courses with leaderboards on your islands and send challenges to your buddies.

Do you notice the word “Islands”? It is obvious that you can purchase additional islands to build on, you will receive the a broader canvas for your SkySaga establishment. A new Grid tool was also added here to support you construct the locations using the blocks.

You can check out further information about Alpha 5 in the official Alpha 5 trailer:

For playing SkySaga: Infinite Isles Alpha 5, just operate the Launcher and the game will update automatically. If you don’t install your launcher currently, you can click the button below to get it.


Since this is a huge update, there is a data wipe. Hence, you will commence a brand new character along with a new Home Island.

Want to play with friends? Tell them to sign up and claim the key for them to get instant access to the alpha!

  • SkySaga key NA: N7YCZQRG (expired)
  • SkySaga key EU: S64VMW3Q (expired)

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