SkySaga Alpha 5 PvP changes

Welcome to SkySaga Alpha 5!

SkySaga Alpha 5 PvP changesAre you excited for the new part in SkySaga? There are tons of challenges awaiting you to discover. So grab your chance and join this part to experience now! As for the Alpha 5, you will engage in a new Tribe, new Realm or begin the hunting performance with the hope of figuring out new Recipes. Plus, you also take up new Adventures; find out the Community Quest and other awesome creatures. Besides, you will bump into a Monkey and be prepared to enter a new jungle full of uncover things, as well as the treetop villages or weird mazes. Battling against wicked dangerous dinosaurs and enemies is inevitable in this SkySaga Alpha 5.

Preparing your tactics and strategies is highly recommended.
There is an alteration that we have created for Alpha 5. The reason for doing this is to support us to resolve the creative issues in the upcoming time. Consisting of consumables such as food or bombs without making the game modes helpless to spamming or trolling is probably tough to fulfill. Therefore, with the new adaption, we can find out a way for doing that. Check out the initial step to unravel the issue:

Your inventory’s content, the tools’ longevity that are saved out before joining a PvP match, and are brought back when taking your leave for a PvP match. When engaging in a PvP match, several items that have been kept out from the PvP loadout means:

  • No items will be lost if they are utilized in PvP matches
  • You can’t take anything away from PvP matches, especially things that you didn’t possess
  • Your weapons and armored won’t be affected by the durability you put up with from the match, even if you take your leave for the match.

No bombs will be contained in the PvP loadout for this moment! We truly know that wonderful support will be done for this PvP in order to let it play in moderation. Therefore, we are about to perform the inner examinations to reach a new solution. And we have a chance to collect new helpful data relating to the influence of the brand new fighting stamina system on the PvP.

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