SkySaga Alpha 9

Be ready to find out Alpha 9 in Sky Saga game which gives you a lot of updates. This Alpha 9 will open a lot of big quests, adventures, scenic views, landmarks for you. You will even have a chance to come to the City of First Light, use more weapons and find out the entirely new world of interactivity called Lumostone.

You will get an opportunity to become a lord of Lumostone

You will get an opportunity to become a lord of LumostoneYou will be introduced to wonderful properties of Lumostone by Kamcha the Lithomancer. Let’s go get new interactivity and attach it to your Island builds!

The amazing new gear for the upgraded combat

You will get an opportunity to become a lord of LumostoneDepart your epic and challenging adventures, put on awesome armor, use brutal new weapons, and go test it in a renovated combat system.

More block types and brand new Adventures

More block types and brand new AdventuresWith more slippery blocks, you will get a lot of thrilling challenges while you are conquering a bunch of quests.

What if I  Want to Play Alpha 9 Instantly?

Not surprising! For those who have already installed SkySaga, they can shoot the launcher, and the update will occur once signing in.

If you haven’t installed it yet, just select the button below and then you will start the installation. After that, you can depart your adventures in SkySaga: Infinite Isles Alpha 9!

Download SkySaga Client

Alpha 9 Stream Weekend!

Are you excited about Alpha 9 stream weekend? Here is some info for you:

Today at 3PM EST : Intrepid Thursday

Boomkin’s getting into the Alpha 9 in the Intrepid Thursday Steam tonight. You can join him to get thrilling adventures.

Additionally, for marking the launching of Alapha 9,the twitch channel will be given over to two community members named Ashwe and KIA Spartan

Saturday, August 27th at 9AM EST :Discover the mystery with KIA Spartan

Sunday, August 28th at 3PM EST : Constructing a museum with Ashwe

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