SkySaga Alpha Test 4 – New Features

SkySaga Alpha Test 4 - New Features
SkySaga Alpha Test 4 – New Features

Welcome you back with SkySaga Online, We are pleased to generally introduce Alpha Test 4 version (Alpha Test detail here) with some following contents: new feature, add more languages in game to be internationalize, download and setup.

Alpha Test 4

This times is especially important as SkySaga is doing its first large-scale server load test, so SkySaga wants as many people as possible to test the game today! SkySaga really hopes it will see you in the game. Please let SkySaga know about any issues you encounter on the forum.

Alpha Test 4
Alpha Test 4

New Features

Alpha 4 is a big step forward for SkySaga, and some of the biggest updates are:

• A whole new world with new adventures and creatures
• A new Social Hub
• New building objects

Because of these changes and updates, any previous game progress has been wiped and you’ll start again with a new character and home island. SkySaga is not planning any further wipes until the start of Alpha 5 in mid-July.


Localisation into German, Spanish, French, Italian, and Portuguese has been added to the game in a basic state. By default, the game will match your Windows language setting, but you can change your in-game language via the settings menu on the launcher, if that’s what you’d prefer.

Download and Setup SkySaga

As you’ve previously been invited to play SkySaga, if you’ve still got the game installed, you can simply run the launcher as usual and it will start the update process automatically. If not, click the “Download SkySaga” button below to download the SkySaga installer and you’ll be adventuring into the Infinite Isles in no time!
Download SkySaga

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