SkySaga Game: How to play? – Guide Part 2

In this part, we’ll continue to show you the SkySaga: How to play? – Guide Part 2 as a guidance book for all of the gamers, who love SkySaga Game. There are two main parts I want to mention on this page that How to: make a forge and How to: share photos. Let’s start with the first one.

How to make a forge?

You want to create some great architectures in the SkySaga Online world. But, to do that, you can’t make it just by hand, you need to have a tool. This is an important thing, which can help you create the resources need for you crafting. With this tutorial, you can know how to play.

• Press R key to open your Rucksack, on the right-hand sight of your screen, you will see the hand-crafting window.

• There are several colorful tabs, which similar to what you see in the Chronicle.

• Click on the first tab, Devices tab.

• There are some several recipes for the important crafting devices as the camp fire and the forge.

• Click on the Forge item to see the recipe. To craft this item, you need to have stones.

• You can collect stone by mining it.

• When you have all necessary resources, go back to the hand crafting menu in the Rucksack to create the Forge.

• The Forge will appear in the Rucksack when you complete. Place the Forge in the world by equipping it and setting it down.

• Bring up the Forge crafting menu and crafting it by standing next to the Forge and press E key.

Now, you know how to make the item. We keep going on to the next point.

How to Share photos?

A special thing in this part that you can take a photo with the photo taking option after you unlock it.

• Activate your Camera mode by pressing the P key. You can move around the map to stand in a place, where have a nice view for the perfect shots.

How to share photo?
1.Activate your Camera mode by pressing the P key

• Take the photo by hitting the spacebar.

• Press G button to bring your photo into the Gallery after you’ve done.

• You should see your photo that you’ve taken first to decide you’ll delete it or share on Twitter.

• You see the Public button. That mean your pictures are public, and they can appear on the loading screen for other players to view.

How to share photo?
2.The Public button

• You can find any images you take in the SkySaga folder on your PC (find in your SkySaga folder as usual. Otherwise you can search for Skysaga).

• Click on the Twitter icon to share your pictures and bring it up to the Tweet page. The link to you image and the #skysaga will be there already, just fill in a message of your choice.

How to share photo?
3.Click on the Twitter icon to up on Twitter Page

• Log in and send out your Tweet.

• When you are finish, press P button to exit and get back to your adventure.

That’s all; now you can share any you creation or what interesting things you find with your Twitter followers.

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