SkySaga: How to play? – Guide Part 5

How to finding ores! That is the main course in SkySaga: How to play? – Guide Part 5. The two familiar questions we often meet in this game that is How to play and how to make the item. Do not hesitate, let come with us to know many useful tips and guidance.

Finding Ores

When I attend to the game, I have seen a lot of people with weaker armors, they had trouble finding other ores. So today I would like to write some information here that should help some new gamers.
At the game, iron is by far the easiest one to find if you know where to look. When I started, I needed to make iron gear to level up my Blacksmith, but I couldn’t find it anywhere. So, I went to many places to find. I came into a dungeon; there are many decorations inside ( I really like them, cause it makes the dungeon much better). These decorations can be destroyed, the decoration as Laterns, Railroads and Grates will drop the metal they are made of. So you can get the iron rods by destroying railroads in a mine dungeon. With any block or item you also can do this, it’s also the only way that I know to get beech wood. Follow my guidance that will bring you tone of iron!

Continue with the “Gold”, it’s a little bit harder to get. You can start your exploit by what I wrote above, or you can weapons dropped by enemies, or you can do what I do and break some gold blocks. You can receive five golds ore when you mine a gold deconstructed, so getting ten gold blocks will give you fifty gold ore. That enough to make armor. But, where can we find these blocks ????

Keep calm, and I’ll show you how. When you go to a snow map, you will get a Mine as an end dungeon or a temple on the side of a cliff, the temple is what we are after. Look, the coffins in this place are full of the solid gold ones. Where we will find “el derodo” ( that what I spelled, it’s the city made of gold). If you want to get the treasure, you have to kill the annoying warlord. Once you access to his treasure cove, if you look around the exit portal you will see that it is surrounded by gold blocks. Now get all those blocks and deconstruct them. You are rich!!!

Blue steel the ax metal which so easy to find that iron seems rare besides it, let jump into your snowsuit and go into any icy adventure. Every time I do, I net around eighty ore. Go there now and loot up.

How about Rose iron? That has been hard to get, it seems to be the rarest and the best ore. I’m not sure any special way to get it, but the temples and snow adventure caves seem to have some rose iron come to explore.

Now you know where you have to go. Let start your journey now.

Thanks for your reading.

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