SkySaga: How to play? – Guide Part 6

Welcome to SkySaga Tutorial, in SkySaga: How to play? – Guide Part 6 you will know how to play the game, how to get iron ore.

How to get iron ore?

When you join in the game, the materials are not available. You have to pick your pickaxe up, and go around to exploit. The iron ore is quite difficult to find. But do not lose your hope, I will give you two suggestions.

1. Destroy Grates! (like the picture below)

How to get iron ore?
1.Destroy Grates!

Destroy “Grates” to have the iron ore, we know that, but where? First of all, we need find somewhere that has the “Grates”. Let go out and start your tour to find it, you can find “Iron Grates” at every end boss and in various places outside. For me, I came to a cave, and I saw them. With Destroying “Grates” job, you can receive “Iron Rods” that you can dismantle in your Crafting Window.

You also can destroy “Grates” with “Gold Swords” as this mean you will get extra bonus rods drop.

By this way, you can get Iron Ore easy and fast.

How to get iron ore?
2.How to get iron ore?

2. Continue with our Iron Ore. Let go to a “Light White” Adventure.

You should find either a Mine or a Hamlet/ Village adventure… when you’re in this place, you can find a “Metal Portcullis” looking things quite easily.

Why we have to find the “Metal Portcullis”. Because they are made of iron blocks, which you can mine out and can be dismantled into five iron ore. You can receive five iron ore in each block that you mined. You also can get eighty or more blocks from the two Portcullis.

When you reach at the end of the boss, you will see a lot of Grates. Go there now and farm more Iron Ore.

Some addition suggestion:

You also can find the Iron ore in the “Fire Wolf’s Lair” in the “Forest Adventure”. The “Fire Wolf’s Lair” can be found in the center of the map in a cave inside a giant mountain. There are tons of grates in the Lair. If you are not lucky in the Fire Wolf’s Lair, come to “Skystone Castle”. For me, this place is harder than the Lair, but it offers more rewards.

Ok, that’s all in this part. If you have any question. Please feel free to contact us at any time. Wish you have a lot of fun with SkySaga Game.

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