SkySaga: How to play? – Guide Part 7

Hey, guys! We meet again. We continue to show you the seventh tutorial of SkySaga Game. What’s new in the SkySaga: How to play? – Guide Part 7. At this time, we will introduce you a new recipe of weapon that can make your weapon storage plentifully. How to make a sword is our main point.

Well, we start to learn How to make a sword, buddies!

When you start your adventure in SkySaga Game, you will realize that there are a lot of dangerous things in this beautiful place. It not only has peace and quietude, but also a lot of dangers. So, how to survive in this mysterious place? You need weapon to protect yourself and create things. A sword is an important thing with your adventure. So, how to make it? You should need something to create your first sword as a Forge, an Anvil and Metal ore. You can choose any metal, but notice that the metals will change the weapons properties. So, we’d better start with an Iron sword.

• Press E key to open the Anvil crafting menu. Don’t forget to stand next to the Anvil and press.

• There are several colourful tabs, which similar to what you see in the Chronicle.

• Click on the middle tab. The Tools and Weapons tab.

• There are some several recipes for the important crafting devices.

• Click on your Sword recipe.

How to make a sword

1.Click on your Sword recipe

• In the Sword Recipe, you have to have Metal Plate and a Wood Rod.

How to make a sword

2.Metal Plate and a Wood Rod

• Where can you craft the Metal plate and the wood rod? Let use the Forge to craft your metal plate. The wood rod can be crafted by using the handcrafting menu.

• When you have enough your necessary materials, go back to the Anvil and drag the resources into the resources slot int the sword recipe. And then you can have your own sword by Clicking the craft button.

How to make a sword

3.Clicking the craft button

• You have to wait for about fifteen second, the sword will be complete and will appear in you Rucksack. To receive your sword, you have to stand near your Anvil. If you stand too far, it won’t appear in your rucksack.

After you read this Guide SkySaga, I’m sure that you can make your weapon easier. You also can learn how to play and how to make other items our previous posts.

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