SkySaga: More Invites for Alpha Test

SkySaga Game
SkySaga Game

On March 5th, SkySaga Game will set up more invitations for all gamers of Europe and North American servers to play SkySaga game online. This will be a week-long trial, which similar to what they’ve been doing in February. They will format 24/7 service from March 5th until March 12th. By that way, SkySaga Game can test a variety of things and something they are testing for Alpha 3.

After this week, SkySaga Game will open the servers for everyone every single Thursday. If you are invited to play SkySaga online, that means you too! Feel free to join with them in every Thursday. The servers will be opened for full 24 hours for everyone.

Please note: if you registered to play SkySaga after March 3rd, you would be eligible to play in the next SkySaga Alpha Test.

Do you want to play more SkySaga? Let check out their VIP Access program! SkySaga Game will grant full 24/7 services access to all successful applicants.

More information on this:

European services:

North American services:

If you are not either in these servers, please register over at for more information on when we will be available to your country!

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