SkySaga: New Game Online

Recently, A fantastic game online with the lively and unique interface, which is SkySaga Game Online, presented that the game will on air at G-start in 2014 and officially recommend in the early 2015. This product will run their business follow the free formality, for those players, who interested in can refer more information at website.


SkySaga Online is a cool product of Radiant worlds- this studio is owned by Smilegate (Korean), but its headquarter is in the England. The game was created base in a wide open world and creative way. SkySaga is nearly like the Minecraft game, but it’s more unique and interest than other.

SkySaga: New Game Online

Class characters in SkySaga Online

The first difference in SkySaga game is choosing class characters as Explorer, Farmer, Miner, Architect, Crafter, Trader, Adventurer, and Gladiator. Besides, the game title will bring you a lot of choices during your adventure, where has special sources and brutal monsters.

At first, the player will take his mission in a wonderful island and go through the fields and mountains, sea and land, snow and sand… to make it done. SkySaga puts you in a lot of interesting challenges as tower defense, exploit or combat with the beasts… After that, you can receive the award and have a key to unlocked the high levels.
All games in SkySaga are related with each others, for example, you will start your game by building and creating your own world, and then you can go out to collect ingredients and fight to the beast to gain EXP or at least to protect your land.

SkySaga: New Game Online

Screenshot SkySaga Game

With see the world, you will play a role of a hero. In this kind of game, you can take your unique adventure to discover new horizons. It’s much more fun when you invite your friends join with you.
With the fight to win, if there is anything threat or attack you, you have to use your handmade weapons to combat them. Apply all skill as dig, build and fight your way to victory.

What will you do with build and create? This is the basic step in the game. Before you start any combat or any adventure, you should build up your place first. Your beautiful place will reflect a part of your power.

SkySaga: New Game Online

Screenshot SkySaga Game

More and more surprises are waiting for you to explore by yourself.

SkySaga promises to make a new fresh wave of 3D games. Moreover, SkySaga still makes a strong impression on their players by their strange frames; I’m sure that you have to spend hours with this new awesome game.


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