SkySaga: Open Beta?

When SkySaga game Open Beta?” Always is a big question for all gamers at present. It’s all about the wonderful wide open world. About the SkySaga Game, it’s a great product of Radian worlds – this studio is owned by Smilegate (Korean), but it’s headquarter is in the England. The game was created base in a wide open world and creative way.

SkySaga Game

SkySaga Game

SkySaga is nearly like the Minecraft game, but it’s more unique and interest than other. The SkySaga game still not have the official version, they just introduce to player through the Alpha tests. By this way, they can get the responses of their players. It’s clever way to probe before they open. About you, the loyal player of the game, I’m sure that you are really, really want to try this SkySaga Online.

We used to receive some questions as how they get the game, how to play the game, how to make the items and the most question is how they can get the invitation. To get this information, you can refer in website for Europe area and the website for North America. In their web, they show you clearly about the information about their tests.

We will show you some tests as Alpha test:

• On 5th March – On 12th March
• On 19th March – On 26th March
• On 2nd April – On 9th April
• On 16th April – On 23th April
• On 30th April – On 7th May

SkySaga Game Open Beta

SkySaga Game Open Beta

A alpha test last a week, once it take place you can register on it website. If you don’t know how to do it, you can consult at here, and wait for the invitation. When you wait, you can come to the website to see. You can sit at your home and view what the streamer do in SkySaga Online directly. By this way you can persuade your preference while waiting for the approval.

SkySaga promises to make a new fresh wave of 3D games, especial blocks game.

Moreover, SkySaga still makes a strong impression on their players by their strange frames. I’m sure that you have to spend hours with this new awesome game. Do not lose your hope when you still not receive the invitation, there are a lot of changes for you in other tests. Good luck!

View more information about SkySaga at here.

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