SkySaga: Perfect Version of Minecraft

A latest news about SkySaga Online, a Perfect version of Minecraft recommend that SkySaga is totally free for their player, and there is no request for spending money to buy key copyright as Minecraft.

As the new information, SkySaga – the unique blocks game online is tested in English version on the second of December in Europe market. And now, the players, who are excited and interested in this game, can consult more at

Srceenshot in game SkySaga

Srceenshot in game SkySaga

SkySaga Game is a successful product of Radiant worlds, which has the headquarters in England, but its owner is Smilegate-a famous firm in Korea. This game has a style of a wide open world and the rule of the game quite creative. This game has the similar points with the Minecraft games, but it attracts the players by more unique and enticing things.

SkySaga Online Island Portal

SkySaga Online Island Portal

Make your choice with many different characters that are the first difference in this game. You can discover many mysterious places with the Explorer, build a big farm to feed the animal and plant with the farmer. It doesn’t stop there; you can exploit materials or treasure with the Miner, and design your wonderlands by the Architect. You also so be a Crafter, Trader, Adventurer and Gladiator in the game. Moreover, this game also lead their player into the mysterious adventure, where has a lot of specials and brutal monsters.

Video Gameplay

When you enter the game, there are a lot of tasks for you in the different topographies as sea and land, field and mountain, or even snow and sand. The players will be attracted to the beautiful interface, the exciting adventure or the dratted battle. After your mission done, you can receive a special award that for worthy guy. In addition, you with your victory, you can unlock for the higher level, which were set up by the difficulty. The mechanism of the fight and control of SkySaga was built up follow the first sight angle. However, the weapons in the game quite simple and familiar, so it makes the fighting way become plain.

The task system in the SkySaga quite abundant, but the contents just around defeating beasts, income and items… However, this game encourages their players to explore the open world. You have to remember that your discovery in many different lands can help you collect a lot of valuable things as gems. Do not miss any treasure box, cause it can content the special recipes that give you the formulas to make many fantastic toys.

SkySaga Online Island Portal 2

SkySaga Online Island Portal 2

The creation is an important work that can support the players to have many strong weapons and equipment. It also helps you to upgrade your power.

As I said, the SkySaga is similar to the Minecraft games that the world in the game was designed as the blocks. By this way, it helps you to image and create fantastic architectures.


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