SkySaga: Test for Gamer

A big opportunity to try the tested version of SkySaga games for all gamers. So, the unique blocks game online is on tested period- the Alpha Test, which will last until February 26th. That’s a good chance for players, who like this open world. Access to origin website to get more detailed information.

SkySaga: New Game Online

Screenshot SkySaga Game

SkySaga is a cool product of Radiant Worlds, which has the headquarter in England, but It under the operated of SmileGate (Korea). This game is created base on the wide open world and creative rule, which nearly like the Minecraft games, but more special things.

SkySaga: New Game Online

Class characters in SkySaga Online

The first difference between SkySaga Online and Minecraft game, this is various choices. There are many different characters available for you to choose as Explorer, Miner, Crafter, Architect, Farmer, Trader, Adventurer and Gladiator. Besides, the title of the game attracts their players by the various choices for the plenty of materials, beasts and treasures.

The fighting mechanism and the control in SkySaga online are set up at the first sight angle. However, the weapon in the game, major is the melee. So that makes the fighting way simply.

At first, when you take part in SkySaga online game, you should take a look at the SkySaga website to know and determine what you have to do first. Feel free to design your fairy world in “build and create” part. In this game, you have to go around and collect anything that you need for the building work. Before you start, you should think of the design that can help you do everything easier.

SkySaga: New Game Online

Screenshot SkySaga Game

After satisfy with your own world, you can go out and take an adventure to “see the world” part. There are nothing can hinder your step to explore the new things in this wonderland. Let discover new horizons across lands and seas, sand and snow, fields and mountains. During your trip, don’t forget to collect the rare and valuable things that very necessary for your world.

Well, if you feel bored with your journey, let start with something new in “fight to win” part. In this part, there are a lot of dark intrigue waiting for you. Create your weapon by yourself and control the fight to defeat baddies.

This fairy world looks so beautiful and fantastic, but you can image how dangerous it is. So you always be in a ready status to combat and protect the invasion of many dark forces. Try to exploit the rare gems and another valuable thing to upgrade your world and your weapon too.

SkySaga Online

SkySaga Online

And many exciting parts waiting for you to explore.
The task system in the SkySage is abundant, but it’s just around some main activities as craft the things, collect the items, exploit the treasure, build up your world, take an adventure, combat the monsters… etc. However, SkySage online still encourage their player to explore the open world, cause there are a lot of mysterious things are hidden in this fairy world. You should know that, the exploration not only help you discover many new things in this world, but also give you a chance to collect the treasure or valuable materials.

When you play SkySaga, everything you created will reflect a part of you as your personality, your accomplishment, your skill and your determination. Every action you take as the way you look, the tools and weapon you make, your island and the challenges you overcome, all of them will define you. Through the game, you can know who you are and what you really want. After you’ve done any task in a perfect way, you can share with us or your friends. Wish you fun!


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