Thanks for Playing Alpha!

Skysaga Alpha

According to Silventus, Head of Community & Social Media, everything in SkySaga Alpha has been ended in April 27 in order to unlock a newer and better stage for SkySaga Beta. It was ten alphas in total and tons of feedback for the studio to work on.

For those of you who have the time to experience Alpha, you can see the enjoyment and the excitement that they have clearly. Thanks to amazing guys at Radiant Worlds, all of us have been gotten interesting and unforgettable moments. They’ve made a spectacular job and everyone can’t wait to see what the future holds for not only sky soccer itself but for what you guys do as well as when I all goes up.

All of the servers of The SkySaga: Infinite Isles Alpha have been powered down for the last time. However, this didn’t make the team sad because they will soon come back with Beta servers! Although they can’t reveal the exact moment when that will take place, they’d like to thank all of the people who spending on the precious time with them during the SkySaga Alpha phase.

Skysaga Beta

They really appreciate every minute that players put into playing and testing SkySaga Alpha. This effort helped the whole team enormously so that they could develop the game. Not only that, it also assisted them to keep working hard during this pre-Beta period. Working on the SkySage Beta release means that the game will be unavailable for a while. However, they stated that they would keep in touch on all social media channels, email, and on the major forum in order to help you update the latest information about their progress as they improve towards Beta. The best news is that Skysaga will return in a global version, so players from regions such as Brazil, Vietnam, Russia and others will be able to register and have fun with the Skysaga Beta. We can know that we will have an exciting time ahead. Thus, once again they’d like to say thank everybody.

This is a message from the SkySaga Community Team. You can review some cute pictures of the characters and listen to sincere thanks from the team. This was originally taken from the final Twitch stream (25/04/2017) covering Part 2 of a Huge Island Tour to celebrate the awesomeness that is the SkySaga community. Let’s take a look at the following video to explore more!

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