The Tutorial For Keystone Maps

At the first time, I enter in SkySaga world, I felt so confuse, cause I lost my way, and it seems like I was essentially dumped into the game. But, it’s really fun when you look back. I even still not finish half my quest. Hence, that’s the reason I write this short list to help you from wasting time in the wrong Keystone Biome. With this useful guidance, you may know what can be found abundance in each location in SkySaga Map.

I’m still working on the list of Keystone Maps, but please feel free to add to the list.

Green Keystone Location (Normal Difficulty)

1. Newgrove Keep

Newgrove Keep
Newgrove Keep

– Knights, Captains, and Warlords are three main enemies.
– The Warlords are the good source of Captain Armor Recipes and Dark Hearts.
– In this map, you may have many chances to seek new recipes that hidden in chests.
– Almost all chests are good sources of food, and enemies here will drop meat.
– With two large chests, you can boss a mixture of enemies and a Warlord.

2. Diregrove Mountain

Diregrove Mountain
Diregrove Mountain

– In this place, almost enemies are Wolves and some Bears.
– The map has many underground tunnels like House Iron and Keystone Fragment veins.
– In the Forestgale Mill or Forester Shack, which has hidden chests, as do some floating island.
– With one large chest, the boss is a fire wolf.

Light Green Keystone Locations (Small Maps (easiest Difficulty))

1. The Crystal Caves

The Crystal Caves
The Crystal Caves

– There are many bandits inhabited in here.
– Many hidden chests locate near the trapper area crane.
– Green Keystone Fragment and Iron Mining Veins.
– There is no boss, but the bandits, with one chest.

2. The Lonely Keep

The Lonely Keep
The Lonely Keep

– A farm that supply for various items as flowers, pumpkins, cotton, etc.
– There are many bandits inhabited here.
– Many chests hidden in and surround the town.
– The Boss is the Chief Bandit, with two chests.
Dark Green Locations (Hard Difficulty)
– This map is created to kill Bears.

Light White Keystone Locations

1. DarkRidge Mine

DarkRidge Mine
DarkRidge Mine

– It will freeze and very cold at night, you’ better bring fire.
– Trees will supply for Mahogany planks.
– There are many caves systems rich with many Gold, White Keystone Fragments, Rootwood, Chests that were protected by Mining Bandits and Bears.
– Boss a mixture of enemies and a Warlord, with two large chests.

Dark White Location: (Hard Difficult)

1. Brightsleet Temple

Brightsleet Temple
Brightsleet Temple

– There are many enemies inhabit in this place as Wolves, Knight, Captains, and aWarlord Boss.
– Where contains tons of candles.
– It has many Red Sheet and Red Striped banners.
– With the Mahogany Wood Blocks and Alabaster, you can build up Castle.
– The Blizzard in this map will harm your observe.
– This place is covered by the freeze, you’d bring Fire.
With this guidance about SkySaga Game, you may know How To Play this game or at least you can get easy to begin. Wish you happy.

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