Tractron 2020

About Tractron 2020

Tractron 2020 looks like a classic arcade game unblocked. In which, you will have a great place to practice and hone your own shooting ability without charge. Take part in a crazy match set in dark space and defend your territory. By killing alien creatures, you will be able to protect your home. However, they will constantly fill up the battlefield. Therefore, you need to perform your action carefully until the end.
Play Tractron 2020 free online in browsers that you want and you must stop them before they reach the bottom of the screen. Launching laser shots and awesome tractor beams can remove the target immediately. Especially, you are allowed to utilize captured foes to block bullets and inflict damage to themselves. Besides, you can choose their ships as the shield. Remember to gather power-ups to grow stronger! Enter the battle right now and survive as long as possible!

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