Super Mario Save Luigi



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Use the mouse to direct, Arrows to walk, Left Mouse to interact with objects

Game Details

Super Mario Save Luigi

Super Mario Save Luigi unblocked is of the top arcade games for free in browsers. Jump into a new adventure with a popular character and give him a hand. He needs your help to rescue his brother from the evil turtle called Bowser as soon as possible.
Play Super Mario Save Luigi online and remember to defeat every obstacle on the path! It is useful to survive before you face the kidnapper. There are plenty of hazards not existing in Super Mario Save fan-made series before. Therefore, you are recommended to act carefully. Besides, you will encounter tons of challenges while moving. Try to collect coins scattered across the map before you complete the stage and level up! They will increase your scores. Aside from jumping to avoid pits, you can deploy that ability to knock down wicked minions. When you survive, you will have more chances to win. Good luck!

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