Hill Climbing

About Hill Climbing

Pick out the cheapest car available and embark on a fun race in Hill Climbing an online arcade game! Show up your own driving skill for free and you should move as far as possible. On the path, you will have the chance to collect a lot of gold coins. They will be the most important item that you can use to unlock and buy better vehicles from the shop.
Hill Climbing unblocked brings back a great playfield to relax and hone many different skills. It is different from other titles that you have ever played before. Instead of using keys to accelerate or reverse, you have to do the same by pushing and releasing buttons on the screen promptly. Especially, you must balance your means when you are facing dangerous areas. Otherwise, it can explode. It’s feasible to drive until the fuel depletes. During that period, you will be able to earn money. Good luck!

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