SkySaga Tutorial: Mining

One of the most important activities in SkySaga is mining. To mine the resources, it is highly advised that the gamers should have a look at SkySaga Tutorial: Mining to fully comprehend what to mine and what they should mine. The majority of mining in SkySaga is the stone of one type or another.


It will be better if you keep an eye on the metal statistics and wood statistics pages frequently, because the Pickaxes are made of metal and wood, so it is very crucial to look at the statistic and learn more about the effect that the metals have on speed, durability, and damage.

There was a breakdown of how many hits that type of metal and wood took for discrepant blocks that you probably want to collect. How sad! Alpha 4 had such an unrealistic task. Before Alpha 4, the stone could be divided into two distinguished categories, natural, and brick. Brick is more difficult than natural stone a little bit, but there is no difference between the stones. In Alpha 4, you will see that each stone will have each own “hit point” value differing for natural and brick blocks. There are ten discrepant woods, 7 discrepant metals, and 11 discrepant types of stone (and counting), 770 data points would be yielded if giving this information. Just adding the metal blocks, thatch, snow, ice, soft dirt, hard dirt, clay, wood blocks, gravel and so on.

Regardless of what type of metal and wood that you are utilizing, most of the blocks can be collected in 4 or even fewer hits. As for the durability, it has remained as one of the key elements to mine due to the sheer volume of fixes that need to be fulfilled for large-scale constructing projects. Verdanite doesn’t cause more damages, and it gives an extremely long-lasting pickaxe which lasts the longest of all metals by far. If you are desirous of a good balance of damage, speed, and durability, just think about utilizing the frost steel if it is available in good quantity.

Resource Locations

It is very impossible to make a list of all placed for seeking every resource, below here is just a statistical list exposing some common places which are accessible to search for stuff you probably need in some bulk.

Stone Locations

Stone has an important role in making up the bulk of most worlds. Most worlds are made up of a later of top soil, a layer of usual stone and veins or layers of two discrepant rare stones.

Biome Top Soil Common Stone Rare Stone 1 Rare Stone 2
Forest Dirt Skystone Windstone Blindstone
Mountain Snow Earthstone Bloomstone Murkstone
Desert Sand Coralstone Floodstone Windstone

Since the stones are used for making land literally, that is the good way for finding them in bulk. You can find the stones which are not used in world generation for existing areas when having a look at the table as shown below:

Stone Found In
Bloomstone The Village Crypt
Crownstone Rooftops of several different landmarks
Windstone Most desert structures are made of Windstone

Metal Locations

Two discrepant types of metal ore can be contained in each region. Sky Iron Ore is the most usual, and you can find it easily on any area. Plus, each area will have a specific secondary ore for mining:

Biome Metal Ore
Forest Verdanite
Mountain Frost Steel
Desert Sun Steel

You can find all the metals located in chests, quest rewards and dismantled from found items, however, you can have a glimpse at the reproducible way to find the remaining three metals below here:

Metal Found In
Purite Dismantling a Mark of Glory
High Iron Dismantling a Mark of Honour, a Mark of Bravery, or a Mark of Triumph
Rose Iron Purchased from a trader in the Social Hub

Wood Locations

There are trees growing on each region, and you can chop down those trees to get 4 wood planks of the appropriate wood.

Biome Tree
Forest Groundwood
Mountain Inkwood *
Desert Bleachwood
Wood Found in
Ashwood Ashwood is a common wood that can currently only be found by dismantling quest rewards. It is suspected it will be the common tree in Jungle regions.
Inkwood Until the above bug is fixed, most structures in mountain worlds contain a fair number of Inkwood blocks.
Kingwood Kingwood is a purple roots that can be found in caves in any region.
Loftwood Can only be found as quest rewards or dismantling items.
Rustwood Purchased from a trader in the Social Hub.
Tidewood Can be found in desert regions as the stairs for certain structures.
Warmwood Can only be found as quest rewards or dismantling items.
Youngwood Can only be found as quest rewards or dismantling items.
Honeywood Can only be found from dismantling Stone Shields from quest rewards or drops


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