SkySaga Tutorial Basics

For the beginners of SkySaga game, it will be better if they learn some tutorial basics showing what they have to do, what they need to do and what they might confront when wandering around SkySaga world! We hope that this SkySaga guide will bring you more advantages and unravel all your inquiries


  • You should create armor and weapons that you are able to fix. Because if you bring a weapon that is too much powerful, you probably can’t repair it. Therefore, you should carry a normal weapon when venturing into the world so that you can annihilate the diminutive foes and destroy decor.
  • The maps will mainly consist of three landmarks, including two short subordinate landmarks and a principal one. The main one will be bigger, and it has a drop down straight into a forth landmark consisting of the room of boss, boss drawer, and home portal.
  • As for the golden chests, they are lurked somewhere in the worlds, with every single level that consists of 0-1. The sigils will be contained in those chests, and the drawers can be lurked right behind the walls, or somewhere in the buildings that are unnoticed. Therefore, you are supposed to discover all these places.
  • You can carry the armor from the so-called treasure amber trader located in the City of Light, which is around 5200-5400. This will supply a nice mid-game substitute which is too costly to fix the biome special armor.


  • If you perform more jump assaults, you can handle more damage and then you can totally knock out some adversaries
  • You need to begin biome mastery explorations as soon as possible so that you can earn better weapons and armors. Take a leap through a home portal in an exploit of the right type.
  • You need to press or click the middle mouse, or release a kick that doesn’t do any damage, but it’s still enough to stun a foe back. The method is very helpful for you to escape from a battle.
  • If you confront with diminutive enemies, just keep moving forward, the foes might usually attack each other in order to try to attack you.
  • You need to store your food on the hotbar. Although it will take time to eat up, it still help you increase your health revival.

Collecting materials:

  • Just only one swing from a weapon (probably pickaxes take too much time) will destroy the decor, and one raw material will be released (wood logs, ore, ..)
  • You need to step into the principal landmark in which there are some of the multi-colored damaged wooden pieces so that you can collect the wood.
  • Try to create the metal pickaxes as soon as possible, you can use them to cut the stone so that you can collect it or the metal/keystones in there.
  • Dual wild pickaxes can help you mind more quickly
  • There are lots of different materials located in tougher maps, and rare materials located in higher spawn. It’s totally worth a try to get into a tough for the strip mining.
  • You should enter the caves to get more ore and keystone fragments. These caves located in usual worlds mostly consist of some biomes basic metal and other keystone pieces. But for those located in unusual worlds will usually consist of 3 types of ore and all the keystone types.
  • When your inventory space begins to be used up, you need to get rid of the non-meat food stuff first because they usually don’t supply the health revival much, and they also have various colors that are not able to stack together.


  • For the big chests, they have five more places than two small chests.
  • You need to purchase a minor home island from the home island merchant so that you can have more rooms, more spaces for the building.
  • You can reveal your home islands in order to let other communities see and check out some tough tasks that you have been working on.
  • The revealed islands can consist of some posts that will change them into a race track, or a pve coliseum or even both


  • Try to annihilate the enemies moving around in a Christmas hat. They are called “loot goblins” and they will run away from you. However, if you try to wipe them out, you will get the new recipes and, of course, rare awesome weapons
  • You can cook the meat in a big pot for more health revival

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