Alpha 7 Patch Notes

SkySaga Alpha 7 - Amazing Possibilities!

SkySaga Alpha 7 is finally released! It’s for all of you to experience awesome changes, and explore numerous cool features through the patch notes of the game. Are you up for challenging quests? The Settlers are now provided with lots of quest chains. The game also offers daily quest system, brand new models, nameplates of the players and much more!

Updated Features in Alpha 7

Brand new game mode – Build Off

Are you ready for a new game mode called Build Off? Surely you will get more and more excited. Build Off is viewed as a building contest that the players are supposed to compete against each other to construct more amazing buildings. See more in the below video:

No need to be afraid of lacking resources, each Build Off competition will offer various devices and resources to you. Just freely make the best use of them and fly high your creativity.

Settler Gear

There was a Settler union who has been working so hard on creating a brand new set of gear. With this thing, you can totally construct more buildings effortlessly. It was called “The Settler Suit Of Extraordinary Efficacy”, containing:

  • Revolutionary Pickaxe of Range
  • Powerful Pickaxe of Demolition
  • Giant Helmet of Truesight
  • Wonderful Breastplate of Free Flight
  • Useful Gauntlets of Hurling
  • Magnificent Greaves of Solid Ground

Watch the videos as shown below to check out awesome skills of the new stuff!

These items are only for the Settlers. If you want to unlock all of them, you have to obtain the building. You can bring them into the Build – Off contest in order to support you to accomplish, destroy other rival builders.


The Sigil/Title system has been switched from the former Alphas. With the appearance of Medal system, now the players are able to keep track of the process and accomplishments in a certain location of SkySaga, including destroying Rawbones, taking pictures and much more. When you level up the Medals, you can let everybody see that by showing them on your profile.

World Adaptions

There are lots of changes and new cool features in the game!

  • Stay alert to new floating islands when you depart your epic adventures in the game, which consists of metals and lots of undercover awards
  • Treasure Ambers of looters have been stored in the caverns that are buried under the ground. Now, your mission is to find them! There are lots of hidden Treasure Amber shrines and cool awards in SkySaga world.

Alpha 7 Patch Notes

  • The adversaries in the game will take their time to operate the dungeons. Sneakily make your way through the big mausoleum, lost your directions in the undercover guild chambers, discover all wonderful places.
  • The players will gradually get weary when they’re done going up to the top of towers and discover all the caves. No need to worry about it! Go enjoy the campfire at the beginning of dungeons. It’s the place for them to rest. When you take a rest at the campfire, you will get a checkpoint just in case when you die, and you want to respawn. The bosses in the game will also feel very cold when protecting the portals. Therefore, they get a campfire as well.

New NPCs

Lots of new inhabitants have been seduced by The City of First Light. Check out now!

      • Go find Jiraya the Puzzled located in the Markerplace. She’s somewhat bewildered, but she can use her tale to tell people who need to stop and speak to her for a bit.
      • Say hi to Kamcha –the Learned of the Settlers, he is a sharp collector, and if you sell your items, he will gladly buy all of them.

Alpha 7 Patch Notes

New Emotes and Selfie Mode

Probably, in the previous version, the emotes in SkySaga didn’t really convey the message following the way you wanted it to be. Now, this feature has been changed and updated with tons of new ones. The players are currently able to say something like “Sassy Lasso” or anything they want to talk to other players and help them understand how you feel. You can find the emotes in the undercover golden chests in SkySaga, and you can equip them to the F-keys from a tab appeared on the rucksack.
There is a selfie mode that has been already added to the camera, which can help the players see their characters. Hit key V in order to flip the camera and start taking awesome photos, you can even emote when taking pictures as well.

Alpha 7 Patch Notes

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