SkySaga Alpha 6: Patch 6.2.0 (

New Midwinter things (for a limited time only!):

Midwinter has arrived in the City of First Light! Snow has fallen, everybody has donned their midwinter hats, and a midwinter tree stands in the middle of the city.
You too can get in the spirit – simply start by setting off on adventure! On your travels, you’ll come across midwinter chests, containing all sorts of midwinter loot! Candy canes, leaves, baubles, and stars, which can be combined with the right recipe to craft your very own midwinter furniture – midwinter trees, wreaths, stockings, snowmen, and strings of lights! You may also find a recipe for your own midwinter hat.

Given the season, Arctic Adventures have received special attention – you’ll find penguins and snowmen on your travels (and snowmen have another secret treat to share!).
No matter where you are, though, some of the friendlier wildlife appears to be celebrating midwinter. I’m not ENTIRELY sure who is putting jumpers on all the chickens. I’m presuming it’s those Midwinter Looters…

New PVP UI work!

We’ve also added a new feature, to increase visibility of PVP! A new pinned location has been added to the social menu which allows direct access to the Arena Gate. This new UI shows the number of games looking for players, so you’ll have a better sense of whether you will be starting a fresh game with friends, or joining a match looking for players. We’ve also updated round times to 5mins (TDM) and 10mins (CTF) for snappier portions of PVP.

Similarly, your friends will now receive a message wherever they are when you join PvP, and other people in the City of First Light will be notified when someone joins PvP from the Arena Gate.

We also made a few minor tweaks while setting up this system – when you swap teams in CTF you should now appear back at your new team’s spawn area. PVP also has new, added “should crash much less frequently” feature! My personal favourite!

Now, on to a hefty batch of bug fixes!

Quests and quest chains – we’ve made a bunch of fixes and adjustments to realm mastery quests, and a few quests impacted by the drastic rewiring of the entire game that we did during preparation of alpha 6:

  • Each realm now has its own keystone recipe, and uncommon/rare keystone recipes will be learned through competing realm mastery quests .
  • Quests to visit landmarks should now correctly count all landmarks.
  • Daily quest: Craft 3 Groundwood shields should now be completable (for some reason the game was expecting Groundwood iron chunks to be used – it doesn’t do this any more!).
  • Arctic Mastery 9 can now be turned in to Hafaar the Wanderer correctly.
  • Narrative has been added for the Jungle, Desert, and Arctic quest chains.
  • Kills of specific mobs should now count across all realms. For example “Kill X Rawbone Deadeyes”, and “Kill X Bug Queens” should now count kills in any realm.
  • Forest Mastery 3: Skitterlings should now correctly count towards this quest.
  • Arctic Master 4 should now count keystone fragments correctly.
  • An exploit which allowed people to gain unlimited explorer experience has been fixed.
  • Desert Mastery 8: The distance required has been reduced from 150m to 35m.
  • Jungle Mastery 4: The number of armour pieces required has been reduced from 12 to 10.
  • Jungle Mastery 5: No longer requires a hand-in to complete.
  • The spawn rate of Elite Veteran Bears has been increased so they should appear roughly 1 every 3 adventures.
  • Visiting PvP will no longer trigger that realm’s quest chain.

Realms and Creatures – we’ve made some minor tweaks as part of our ongoing process to find the balancing “sweet spot” between damage, combat behaviour, and challenge. While we were there, we also tidied up some population:

  • The AI has been improved by reducing the time it takes for an NPC to respond to a player (the mobs should start attacking you sooner).
  • NPC damage has been reduced.
  • Unstable Skitterlings have had their strength and health reduced by around 60%.
  • Forest Rawbones removed from the desert.
  • Easy Jungle Adventures with the Hive ending should now have a boss in the final room instead of a regular Ironshell Soldier.
  • Jungle enemies should now be able to handle water without teleporting around and looking like they’re constantly falling.
  • Arctic wolf bosses should now spawn correctly.
  • Found armour would appear with a higher durability than intended, the correct durability should now be shown (a maximum of 13%).

Other miscellaneous fixes:

  • New animations for Tao Ying.
  • A bug where people would get stuck in the crafting animation after handcrafting something has been fixed.
  • Hitting a decoration no longer sounds like you’ve hit it twice.
  • Map loading times should be slightly improved, which should also mean less “Disconnected from Server” errors due to this.
  • Removed a bug where combining two smaller stacks of items into one large stack which was larger than the stack size limit would result in the excess disappearing.
  • Dropping a stackable item in a chest onto itself would display a stack size of 0 – this should no longer happen.
  • We have tried to fix the %s and tooltip bug that people would occasionally get – it has been very hard to reproduce though so we’ve added some extra code to try and catch this error, along with a few other things which mean it should happen less for some people and not at all for others.
  • It now takes less material to repair a broken item than it would to make a new version of the same item.
  • Daily keystones in the mail should now reflect player’s progress through realm mastery.
  • Fixed a crash that would occur if you put a “<” symbol in your player motto.
  • Islands with 0 likes should now also appear in the Community islands list.
  • Mining chunks should now give the correct sound.
  • The keystone oven has been removed from the City of First Light.
  • You can no longer pick devices up during the tutorial.
  • Loading screens have been updated to have a smaller font and the crenellations have been removed. Yeah, you heard me, I said “crenellations”.
  • Item names on tooltips no longer get cut off if they are too lo


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