Patch Notes – Alpha7.1.1

Check out another Patch note in SkySaga game now! Alpha 7.1.1 contains more interesting updates, fixes, changes! Let’s see what you can experience through this patch note!

Quest Changes

Desert Mastery 1

  • It’s not always interesting to harmonize the Explorer guild, and it’s not easy to follow all the quests. Wayfinder Peregrine won’t tell the players that they should move to the Arctic anymore when he implied Desert.

Take Your Pick

  • Peregrine is not the only person battling against his quests. In order to let players experience an awesome challenge, Memesh would ask them to gather tons of iron chunks for the pickaxe adventures. He decided to stop doing that after witnessing one player passed out from bringing too much ore.

Build Off

Barely an issue

  • Build Off events are currently containing the audio and text matching up. The players won’t be told to construct a bear and a duck simultaneously anymore.


  • The tweet message is accurate length at the moment


Johnny Crash

  • Now, SkySaga turns firmer with the patch of this week. A bunch of instance crashed regarding how the bigger creatures roamed around has been repaired. In addition, the number of clients crashed has been decreased as well.


Garden Path Downloading

  • Now you can put the Gravel accurately

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