SkySaga Alpha 7: Patch Notes – Alpha 7.1.0

It’s time to explore Alpha 7.1.0 in SkySaga game! There are some of awesome changes and repairs in this patch awaiting you ahead to discover. Just to let you know the Settlers guild has put their efforts into managing The Settler Suit of Extraordinary Efficacy. The medal system has also been updated with some changes in order to let you interfere with the metal medals more effortlessly. With this new system, you can easily find your buddies and display your awesome medals to them.

UI Changes/Repairs

  • Friend Requests
    The friends list is also updated too! If you accept a FR of any players, you don’t need to shut and open the list once again.
  • Medal Changes
    You won’t see the medal window turning up right behind UI factors anymore
    For the medals that don’t level up, no level indicator for them!
    There are only unlocked medals turning up on your medal list when you choose which one you will display on your profile.
  • Character Searching
    The searching field of character is not a case sensitive anymore.
  • Font Changes
    The font of the game has also been somewhat changed in order to help all players can read the text in the game fluently.
  • Selfie Explanation
    The camera window (P) now contains the text in order to explain to players on how to operate “selfie” cam (V)


  • Hotbar Fix
    If you hold or release the flag, there is no need to stop for equipping your items that you already did before once again.

Crafting Fixes

  • Item Duplication Fix
    You won’t get more free items because when you produce an island, you won’t copy the crafting queues anymore

Audio Fixes

  • Chilling Music
    When you’re in Arcitc territory, you will hear and enjoy unknown music and surrounding sounds.

Gameplay Changes

  • Changes to running
    The running speed is getting slower now, but the stamina will extend longer. The postponement prior to the running has been gotten rid of.
  • Pickaxe Changes
    The Pickaxe is now upgraded a lot. When you’re about to destroy any location, the pickaxe will highlight that zone so that you won’t damage the floor over and over again.


  • Treasure Amber Changes
    Now, you need more Marks to buy the Treasure Ambers from the guild.
  • Recipe XP Changes
    You don’t get any Settler XP for checking out new recipes anymore.
  • Forest Mastery 3
    Peregrine figured out SkySaga didn’t have enough bugs. He already decreased an amount of required bugs from 15 to 5.


  • Players will experience amazing Breastplate of Free Flight
    The Settler Guild came to find that propellers are way more effective when spinning around. They have altered The Fantastic Breastplate of Free Flight appropriately.


  • Translation Updates
    The game is currently consisting of brand new community Crowdin translations.

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