SkySaga Gameplay: “SO MANY BAD GUYS” (Generikb)

Here comes a gameplay video of SkySaga for those who have not joined the Alpha Test yet to find out more about SkySaga and the experiences in the game through video, or the ones who have already joined but still feel strange when they don’t know what to do in the game, they can also watch the video to explore more.

SkySaga is a unique square game online of Radiant Worlds – a studio that has a headquarter in UK, but its operation belongs to Smilegate (Korea). The game has a widespread world style and creative ways.

Video from Generikb.

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At presents, there are lots of gameplay videos about Skysaga that can be found on the Internet. The website couldn’t upload all those videos in the short time. Hence, we only selected the ones that we felt the most useful for you. (individual assessment depended on each person)

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